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Persuade your neighbors to compromise....Point out…the nominal winner is often a real loser – in fees, expenses, and waste of time…a peacemaker…has a superior opportunity of being a good [person].
— Abraham Lincoln, Notes for a Law Lecture, 1850


Designing Mediated Solutions 

Emphasizing the options parties now have in determining their own course in conflict resolution, N C Mediated Solutions offers mediation and neutral party services provided by Charles Anderson. District Court Judge, Retired, (Judicial District 15B, 1996-2016), North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission Certified MSC/FFS Mediator, 2017.

Services include all settlement procedures recognized under statutes and North Carolina Supreme Court Rules - arbitration, summary trial, neutral third party evaluation, mediation - as well as co-mediation, which has many beneficial applications. 

Attention is placed on identifying procedures and scheduling that best serve the parties’ circumstances. Neutral venues offering pleasant and convenient work space are encouraged and can be made available throughout the Triangle.

Contact Mediated Solutions by email or phone for information or to set up an initial conference to discuss possible services and scheduling dates.  Initial conferences are without charge and travel time is not billed within the Research Triangle Area.



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Area of Practice

Mediated Solutions' area of practice is defined by the Rules of North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission (DRC) and the agreement of the parties. Services cannot be made available to individual parties as opposed to all parties in a conflict. Options for settlement procedures are identified fully on the Services page and may be adapted to parties' needs and preferences. Supreme Court Rules for settlement procedures and other valuable information are available on the DRC website. Statutory authorization under The Family Law Arbitration Act, NCGS 50-41 et seq., is reviewed in the NCBA Family Law Section handbook here.  Engagement and process are upon the parties' agreement.

summary trial

Summary trial most closely simulates litigation experience and outcomes while allowing parties to define their own jury or bench trial under self-determined scheduling and rules of process.  Options include advisory decisions.


Mediation is an informal process conducted by a mediator with the objective of helping parties voluntarily settle their dispute, encouraging and facilitating a resolution, but not rendering a judgement as to the merits of the dispute.


Arbitration is an abbreviated form of a trial with less formal process, and includes options of a binding or non-binding arbitration, in which a neutral renders a decision following summary presentations of the case.  

Neutral evaluation

Neutral evaluation is an informal, abbreviated presentation of facts and issues by the parties to an evaluator, who may identify strengths and weaknesses of the case, likely outcomes, and possibilities for settlement.




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